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What are you most hungry for? We are hungry for stories.
Definitely you tasted a good book, you savoured a memorable movie or appetizing blog pixels, but did you ever try a story told through design?

So, we tell stories through design e we always will.

Would do you like to taste?


To tell our stories we chose tyvek@: it’s not paper but a similar material that could equally accept the most complex design shapes and colors and which is at the same time suitable for making quality products.
The tyvek@ it’s tear and water resistant, recyclable.

So Differenp wallet was born, it’s our first product now on the market with 8 design.


We have just launched on Kickstarter our second product, it’s a made in italy t-shirt with tyvek@ updatable pocket..

With the differenp shirt we introduce a product development evolution: they will always be updatable, this means the chance to purchase just a part. Now people can compose the products (e.g. matching shirts colors and different pockets) creating always new and original results, this in addition to design and sign them as it already happened.

We are an interactive brand and we always will.


There is a saying which tells All roads Lead to Rome, maybe it’s a coincidence but we are all romans which have left and then went back. We had experiences in different great networks: communication, social shopping, finance. Differenp was born from Federico Bulleri idea.

Differenp it’s especially small great contributions and simple suggestions from many interesting and passionate people. For this reason we found right blending the line between us and you in a dedicated section.

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